Telltale Signs of Thyroid Disease

A healthy thyroid is usually the size of two thumbs, joined at their bases to form a V. But, despite this diminutive size, it makes and releases hormones involved in several vital bodily functions, including: 

Because of the complex role the thyroid plays in your body, it can cause a wide range of symptoms when problems arise.

At Sonoran Endocrinology, Dr. Rohit Dwivedi specializes in diagnosing and treating hormonal conditions like thyroid disease. He shares these signs that could indicate a problem.

Understanding thyroid disease

First, it’s important to note that thyroid disease isn’t a single problem but an umbrella term for several different disorders. 

Common thyroid disorders include:

Each of these disorders impacts the thyroid in different ways, but they all cause hormone imbalances in the body. As a result, you can have a wide range of symptoms, depending on your specific thyroid disorder.

Common signs of thyroid disease

An estimated 20 million Americans have thyroid conditions. And, while thyroid disease can affect anyone, an estimated 1 in 8 women will develop a problem at some point — a rate much higher than in men.

Thyroid disease doesn’t always cause symptoms. However, when they do occur, they often include:

Your thyroid is also involved in your menstrual cycle, so if you have very light, heavy, or irregular periods that stop for months at a time, it could be a sign of a thyroid disorder.

Diagnosing thyroid disease

Unfortunately, the signs of thyroid disease are often very similar to those seen in certain medical conditions or stages of life, like menopause. That can make it difficult for some doctors to accurately diagnose a thyroid condition, so it’s essential to contact an expert you can trust.

As an endocrinologist, Dr. Dwivedi specializes in diagnosing and treating hormone-related diseases. He also has subspecialties in diabetes and metabolism. This advanced training makes him an expert in endocrinology disorders, from common to complex.

To reach a diagnosis, Dr. Dwivedi performs a physical exam and blood work. Depending on your symptoms, he could also request digital imaging, a thyroid biopsy, or a radioactive iodine uptake test. 

After reaching a diagnosis, Dr. Dwivedi can help develop a personalized treatment strategy for your thyroid specific disorder to relieve your symptoms.

We have offices in Surprise, Lake Havasu City, Prescott, and Gilbert, Arizona. If you have signs of thyroid disease, don’t wait to find help. Contact one of our Sonoran Endocrinology offices by phone or book a visit online today. 

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