5 Reasons to Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy

Don't get caught in a flash.

You may have received conflicting information about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) from friends or family, making it challenging to know whether it's right for you. When administered by a qualified medical professional and carefully managed in an individualized manner to address your needs, HRT can improve how you feel and function. 


Our experts at Sonoran Endocrinology have put together some helpful information explaining why you may want to consider HRT. Below are five ways HRT can help restore balance so you feel like yourself again. 

1. Menopausal women benefit from treating hormone imbalance

Managing menopause symptoms in women is the most widely known benefit of hormone therapy. It’s true, HRT is the most effective treatment for menopause-related symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. It’s also known to lower the risks of health conditions related to estrogen decline, including loss of bone density and increased incidence of fractures.

2. HRT treats lack of testosterone in men

It’s also clear, however, that men can experience symptoms associated with aging and decreased levels of testosterone. While research is not as extensive regarding the effects of waning testosterone levels for men, we do know men can benefit from HRT. 


Over 60% of men over age 65 have low testosterone and about a quarter of men over age 30 and nearly 40% of men over age 45 have waning testosterone. Men with hormone imbalance may experience:


Hormone replacement therapy can reduce or eliminate these symptoms and improve your well-being.

3. HRT can restore work productivity

Symptoms of hormone imbalance can impact many areas of your life, including work productivity: 



These symptoms can interfere with your work responsibilities and make it more challenging to function at your best in the workplace. Hormone therapy can bring you back into balance.

4. HRT effectively relieves physical symptoms of low sex hormones

Hormone imbalances can make you feel like an emotional wreck. They can also affect you physically. You may experience:



Lack of energy and tiring easily also are common side effects of a hormone imbalance, and HRT can help.

5. HRT can improve your overall health

Hormone replacement therapy can’t fix all of the problems associated with aging, but many men and women who undergo HRT at Sonoran Endocrinology report significant and sometimes life-changing improvements in their symptoms and overall outlook. 


They often report improved sleep, restored energy, and increased motivation to follow a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and make other lifestyle changes that can lead to better physical health.

Considering HRT

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to hormone imbalance, and it isn’t right for everyone. You may not be a good candidate for HRT if you’re at increased risk for breast cancer, have a history of blood clots, or have family history of cardiovascular disease.


However, for many women and men, the benefits of HRT outweigh the risks. Before you begin HRT with us, you can expect a complete physical exam and review of your past medical history and current symptoms, along with testing to determine your hormone levels and replacement requirements.

You don’t have to leave your best years behind you. Our dedicated endocrinology and metabolism specialist Dr. Rohit Dwivedi and our team can help you feel like yourself again. Call the office nearest you to schedule an appointment or book your request here on our website. We have offices in Surprise, Gilbert, Lake Havasu City, and Prescott, Arizona.

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